AllClip Mini

Transform your phone’s camera with professional quality accessories.

Compatible with smartphones and tablets with a thickness up to 16mm.

Near-universal compatibility
Unique parallel, level design
Durable and scratch-proof
Lightweight and ultra-portable
Pairs with bitplay lens collections

The AllClip Mini is the universal lens accessory that works with almost any smartphone on the market*. Its parallel, level design ensures optimum placement for either the front- or back-facing camera. Used with bitplay’s premium lenses, the AllClip Mini turns your phone into a professional-quality camera.

*Every phone camera is different—image result and quality may vary. 

Near-Universal Compatibility

The AllClip Mini works with smartphones and tablets with thickness up to 16mm, and can be used with most devices’ front- or back-facing cameras. From early to recent iPhone, Android, and other devices, the AllClip Mini pairs with bitplay premium lenses to turn your phone into a professional-quality camera.

Parallel Design

The parallel and level design of the AllClip Mini allows it to ensure optimum stability for lenses placed over the front- or back-facing camera on any compatible device. Capture the best distortion-free shots with this unique design.

Durable and Scratch Proof

The AllClip Mini is made of highly durable metal that’s built to last. Combined with a soft, silicon inner lining, this tool can protect your phone from scratches—and keep lenses safe with a secure fit over your phone camera.

Lightweight and Portable

At just 27 grams ±5, the AllClip Mini is ultra-light, making it easy to carry on the go. Its compact size is comparable to a piece of chewing gum. Put the AllClip Mini in your pocket or pouch—and take photos like a professional wherever you go.

Pair with bitplay’s Lens Collection

The AllClip Mini is compatible with the entire bitplay lens collection—8 lenses and 3 lens filters—including our Premium HD Lenses and Standard Lenses. Now, you can always enjoy the professional and joyful experience of mobile photography wherever life takes you.

Product Dimensions

Product Specification

  1. Product name|AllClip Mini
  2. Size|7.3cm × 2cm × 1.9cm
  3. Weight|27g
  4. Material|Aluminum, Silicone
  5. Color|Black
  6. Packaging size17.2 cm × 10 cm × 20cm
  7. Package contents|AllClip Mini ×1,  Soft carrying Bag ×1, AllClip Mini User Manual ×1

Designed in Taiwan, made in China

  1. Product name|AllClip Mini + HD Wide Angle Lens
  2. AllClip Mini Size|7.3cm × 2cm × 1.9cm
  3.  Lens|4.4(Ø)cm × 2.57cm
  4. Weight|158g
  5. Material|Aluminum, Optical glass, EVA, Nylon, Silicone, Texitle
  6. Color|Black
  7. Packaging size12 cm × 11.5 cm × 6cm
  8. Package contents|AllClip Mini ×1, HD Wide Angle Lens ×1, Lens Case(Strap included) ×1, AllClip Mini User Manual ×1

Designed in Taiwan, made in China


HD Wide Angle Lens

HD Telephoto Lens

HD Macro Lens