Premium HD Macro Lens

Capture teeny tiny details—up close—with the help of the macro lens.

EF 13mm / 3 x

+Flip your perspective on life’s wonders
+Explore the tiny universe around you
+Magnify close-up subjects by 3x
+Bring out textures and surfaces

Simple details seen simply

A micro view enables you to see the beauty all around us. The 3x magnification gets close up to details, so explore the tiny universe and see what there is to capture.

Bring the image to life

The macro view animates nature like never before. Insects, leaves, droplets and more come to life, even in a still shot.

Light up the view

Get perfect close-up lighting with the detachable lens hood. Ours measures just the right distance from your tiny subject to guide your photos.
In addition, the lens cap is made from strengthened silicon for easy installation and thorough protection.

Resilient materials that last

Our lens is made from heavy-duty materials that last, with durable aluminum and a flexible silicone cap, protecting the lens from dings and scratches.

Product Specification

  1. Product name|Premium HD Macro Lens
  2. LENS Magnification|3X
  3. Minimum focus distance|15mm
  4. Angle of View|53°
  5. Lens Construction|2 elements in 2 groups
  6. Dimensions|43.5mm (Ø) x 28.5 mm (H)
  7. Weight|20 g
  8. Package dimensions|10.5 x 10.5 x 4.2 cm
  9. Package contents|HD Macro Lens x 1, Lens Cap x 2, Lens Bag x 1


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